197 Oldfield Lane North, Greenford, Middlesex. UB6 8PN. United Kingdom

Viscount Prestige 80 Organ at Red Gables Studio



Manuals - 3 x 61 note Tracker Touch keyboards with velocity control for MIDI      and Orchestral voices
Pedalboard - 32 note radiating concave
Stops - 57 stop tabs
Voicing Controls - Stop volume - Attack time - Release detune - Tracking      keyboard volume - Ensemble tuning - Possibility of sending the voices to 4      different outputs (simulation of a windchest configuration, with 4 presets).
Orchestral Voices - Any orchestral voice can be replaced by another from the      standard list.
Orchestral Voice Controls - Volume, Brightness, Octave transposer, Keyboard      range adjustment.
Polyphony -512 notes for Organ Voices, 40 notes for Orchestral Voices
General Memories - 10 pistons with 8 programmable memories
Divisional Memories - 6 pistons with 8 programmable memories + HR for each      division (Swell, Great, Choir, Pedal)
Tutti - Programmable
Crescendo - 16 steps, programmable
Thumb Pistons - 10 General thumb pistons and 6 for each division (Swell, Great,      Choir and Pedal). Memory + and -, Set, Cancel, Couplers, Auto Pedal, Tutti,      Enclosed, Organ Solo and MIDI Solo
Volume Controls -General, Great, Swell, Pedal, Orchestral, Reverb
Toe Pistons - 10 General, 6 couplers, Memory + and -, Tutti, MIDI Reverse,      MIDI/Orchestral Sustain
Expression Pedals - Choir, Swell and Crescendo with LED display on central      panel
Cancels - Mixtures and Reeds
Manual Reverse - Choir and Great
Memo Couplers - Swell with Pedal
Temperaments - Equal, Meantone, Chaumont, Werckmeister, Kirnberger,      Pythagorean, Vallotti, Kellner
Transposer - minus 6 / plus 5 semitones
Reverb - 8 different types of Digital reverb. Optional Yamaha AFC Reverb      (Active Field Control)
Equalizer - 5 bands (digital) for the internal amplification and for each external      output
Audio Outputs - 8 main and 4 antiphonal Out Jacks, 2 RCA (L/MONO, R)      Outputs
Audio Sections Enable - Separate enabling controls for Console, Main and      Antiphonal speakers
Inputs - 2 programmable jack inputs, 1 jack microphone Input with gain control,      2 RCA (L/MONO, R) inputs
MIDI - In,Out,Thru
MIDI Controls - 2 selectable output and input channels for each section,      Program Change, Adjustment of the key dynamic - transposer, filter
Output Controls - Volume, 5-band Equalizer, Delay time for each output
Floppy Disk Drive - 3.5" DD (720 Kb) and HD (1.44 Mb), MS-DOS      formatted Floppy
File Controls - Read, format, copy, save (settings and memories), load settings      and memories, cancel, rename and file check
Sequencer - with 5 independent tracks, till 60000 events, 1292 t.p.q.n.      resolution, save on disk as Standard Midi File Format 1

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