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197 Oldfield Lane North, Greenford, Middlesex. UB6 8PN. United Kingdom
Mobile: 07901 617 864
Email: dickh@studioredgables.com

More Information About Us

Red Gables' present Studio was completed in 2002 and is situated at the back of a residential house in Greenford, Middlesex. The control room was upgraded in Spring 2007 and February 2023 to include the industry-standard Yamaha DM2000 digital sound desk and Hard-Disk Multitrack (up to 32 tracks) recording on the Sadie LRX2 Digital Recorder/Editor. (See Hints and Tips para.16). The studio area is totally free from outside noise, and has two isolation rooms; three if you count the control room, which can be used for singers. The isolation rooms are all windowed and therefore the musicians have a good view of each other. The area measures 8 by 4 metres and has a Steinway Model 'B' piano.

There are numerous acoustic screens for further isolation of musicians, and players can enjoy full stereo headphone monitoring with individual 16 channel mixers, to compensate for each performer's taste and requirements. There is also fully professional digital editing and mastering facilities on site and also graphics capability should clients wish to take things to the manufacturing stage.

    A comfortable lounge is available for breaks ...


    or you can relax in the garden - weather permitting! ...


    and tea, coffee and biscuits are on tap and free of charge. An ample kitchen can provide light
    refreshments, at cost, and by prior arrangement..


    No refreshments are permitted in the Studio Areas.
    NO SMOKING on the premises.

The Studio is no longer registered for VAT
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