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197 Oldfield Lane North, Greenford, Middlesex. UB6 8PN. United Kingdom
Mobile: 07901 617 864
Email: dickh@studioredgables.com


Welcome to Red Gables Recording Studios

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Red Gables is a tailor-made recording studio and music facility located in Greenford, Middlesex; close to Central London. We offer up to 24 track recording and mixing on a
Yamaha DM2000 96 channel Mixer, editing, mastering and sound restoration on Sadie LRX2, and Graphic Design to pre-press stage ready for CD manufacture.
A feature of the studio is the magnificent, modern Steinway Grand Piano, much loved by pianists from both the classical and jazz genres.

If you have a jazz or classically oriented group consisting of solo piano, string or jazz quartet, big band, vocals or choirs, or need to record voiceovers, commentaries or theatre work and wish to produce a CD for demo purposes or to full manufacture without paying the earth, contact
Dick Hammett at dickh@studioredgables.com . He is the resident user-friendly musician and engineer with over 40 years experience in the business. He will offer you a sensitive economical and efficient approach to planning and recording your project.
Recent publishers to use the facilities here include Linn, Hep Jazz, Jazzizit, 33 Jazz, Azure, Mainstem, Spotlite, Symbol, Zephyr, Mastermix, Schott, Weinberger, Woodville.


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